Vote Today!

I don’t usually focus on politics, but today all USA-ians have the opportunity to change our country and our influence on the world. It is your duty as a citizen to get out there and vote. Of course, I have definite opinions about who are the best candidates, but my haranguing you here won’t affect your vote. I will say that I’m voting to end the horrors of the last eight years, a culture of deceit and cynical war-profiteering by old men who can’t remember how many houses or factories they own, who show contempt for their fellow citizens and got us mired in an illegal war based on lies and personal aggression.

I am tired of fear-mongering fools who use their own mental faculties to disparage intellect and education, to the extent that the education system in this country has reached a crisis of over-management and discouragement to both instructors and students. I despair at a nation that values the arts so little, obsessing instead about their own fifteen minutes of shallow fame.

Vote! Your life, your job and the survival of the world may just depend upon it.


  1. Adrean says:

    Glad this history-making day is finally here. Voted two weeks ago and ever since I have been impatiently waiting. Looking forward to a night of great results!

  2. specksnyder says:

    Amen! I voted. Where’s my sticker?

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    Yeah, where were the stickers?! I didn’t get one either. I wanted my sticker! I did make sure to ask all my advisees whether they voted. I hope their enthusiasm was reflective of the student body as a whole across the country…

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