London Bound

This afternoon I take off for a trip to London — a sort of delayed vacation or early birthday present. Only a week, but I will be able to see the Bacon and Rothko exhibits (ergo, it is also a business trip, as I’ll be writing those up, possibly for the newly relaunched Up Against the Wall, whoo hoo!) which I have been thinking about with great envy. Why now? Well, I can squeeze in the time now with Thanksgiving coming up, before finals, and before the “break” which this time around includes going to MLA to interview job candidates for our department, then completing several projects that I ought to have gotten to during the fall, but haven’t been able to do. I’m getting better about not over-loading myself, but there’s still a lot to do if I want to achieve the things I hope to accomplish in this life.

I will try to keep up with at least the occasional tweet or Facebook update. I’ll blog if I find a wi-fi hotspot and actually feel like typing for a bit instead of exploring all the cool things going on in London (it could happen). I am actually bringing a camera this time, too!

So, please don’t send giant files to my email for the next week (Joey, I’m looking in your direction!) and I’ll see if I can send some updates that make you envious — deal?


  1. The Queen says:

    I’m already envious! 🙂

  2. Gene K. says:

    I heard from Kate a little while ago – she’s landed safely, and getting ready for fun!

  3. Have fun and stay safe!

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