Yes, I’m Back

…but I won’t be giving a London recap until we get back from Robert’s, where we’re heading for Thanksgiving today, because of COURSE he only has dial up (OMG!). Yes, pictures, yes, fun, yes, friends — much to tell. I will add because I have to get it off my chest:


Eww, eww! Stay away from Terminal F if you can. They had the most disgusting restrooms I have ever seen in a major airport. It was absolutely revolting — and not just one, because I tried a couple. Ick. Awful. I have to shower now. I may write a letter to the Times about it (not that it will do any good…).

2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Back

  1. The Times? Write a letter to the airport manager AND the public health department! And send pictures if you got ’em (not to me- to them!)-The Queen of Bitching via Post

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