Signing: Eastline Books May 30

Just a reminder for local people that I will be signing copies of Unikirja at Eastline Books in Clifton Park, NY on Saturday May 30th, beginning at noon. I will bring one of my kanteles to play and if there’s any interest, maybe read a little. Author Lyn Miller-Lachmann will also be there signing her book, Gringolandia and the store will be having a big sale, too. All kinds of reasons to show up! Robyn’s store is terrific and she really has a great selection.

Support your local independent bookstores!

11 thoughts on “Signing: Eastline Books May 30

  1. Yes, you must read at your signing! Warm up your audience with your kantele to get their attention then give them factoids about how your kantele and how it plays into your writing… Also, ask the store manager if she can announce to the customers that you will be playing your kantele and reading.Jina

  2. Have a great signing event! I bet playing the kantele gets lots of attention, then captivate them with a reading.Nancy

  3. Congratulations! What are you going to wear? Will you bring along an attention grabbing table cloth and order cards too? Do tell us how you go afterwards.Sexy romance by Enid

  4. I don’t suppose there’s a chance you and your kantele will be appearing somewhere between NYC and D.C., is there? If so, you’d make at least one minor Kalevala geek very happy…

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your kind wishes. Yes, I do hope the kantele playing will lead to reading :-)Jeff, you find me a bookstore that will host a reading/signing and I will see what I can do! I’ll be heading down to NC in July — that’s a little closer.

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