Wrapping Things Up


Well, that’s the theory anyway. I tried to get important things done today — when not running off to see Robert’s new cottage and have lunch at Mexican Radio. I had papers and posts to grade, email to which to respond, reviews and short essays to write, blog posts to keep up with (eep — not exactly doing that now), but my flight’s not until 6pm (why was I thinking 4pm?), so I have a bit of time tomorrow. Anon — too tired at the moment (and no, not packed yet).

I’m supposed to be guest blogger at Sia McKye’s blog, but I haven’t heard confirmation from her that she received my post, so we’ll see.


  1. Enid Wilson says:

    What’s that photo? Are those eyes on the monster’s hands? Pretty horrible! In Quest of Theta Magic

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Oh gosh, Enid! I forgot to even mention why I was using that picture: one of the last films we saw in the class was Pan’s Labyrinth, and that’s the Pale Man — chilling isn’t he? Worse yet when you know what he does…

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