Good Stuff

Thanks to Lisa and Lori, I had my first visit to Capital Q Smokehouse, home of great BBQ in the capital region after the usual Tuesday at Mahar’s (the best bar in the world). Wow — some very tasty brisket, cornbread, coleslaw and home fries. Good sauce, too. Huge portions, of course, so there’s a lot left over for tonight, too. Lori is returning to North Carolina the end of the week, so she will be missed — although we will probably have months of continuing to chuckle over Lisa’s “rack” remark…

And ages ago I meant to put up this picture of the lovely finger puppet The joey Zone sent me of the fabulous Oliver Reed from the Hammer film The Curse of the Werewolf. Gorgeous, ain’t it?

Second day of teaching: the bookstore did not get my texts in for the sophmore medieval course and now I find there’s a new edition of the Broadview anthology due to come out the middle of this month. Argh! Meanwhile deadlines continue to nag at me — just grateful Monday is a holiday. I know the semester’s just started, but I need it!


  1. Didn't realize I was hungry until I read about the BBQ. Yum. The finger puppet is down-right scary! Good luck with the deadlines. BTW- I passed on an award to you on my blog today.

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