Happy Birthday, Joan Jett

Yes, LOL — thin on content yet again: tenure package is coming together, but I forgot that the reassigned time and professional grant requests are due Friday and must be signed by my department chair and dean before being submitted. Soon, soon, I will be able to breathe again. Two other non-fiction projects due this week as well, and as they are paid gigs, so they can’t be set aside. Somehow it will all get done, right?

Some good news: a short story inspired by a chance remark from a pal has already been accepted for an anthology. The story is “A Case of Dead Faces” and is a mash-up of jazz, argot, tarot and the Buddha.

And I wonder why it’s so hard to place my stories…

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Joan Jett

  1. The title at present anyway is The Full Moon, the electronic version thereof is supposed to be available in December with a print version to follow. Should be interesting.Yes, the Joan is always right. I like the lyric change. Indeed.

  2. Thanks, Enid. Yeah, busy is my middle name which makes it difficult to maintain that image of laziness I try so hard to project. You've been busy of late, too! Good promo efforts!

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