BitchBuzz: Indy Horror

Hey kids, new BitchBuzz column — and it’s seasonal! Check out some indy horror including the wonderfully creepy House of Black Wings, created by friend o’ the blog David Schmidt and the folks at Sword & Cloak Productions:

You know it’s October when Maureen Dowd quotes Hannibal Lecter and the National Review has a Bush speech writer (fill in your own joke) waxing rhapsodic about anti-prejudice campaigner Rod Serling and his Twilight Zone [children please note, it has nothing to do with Bella and Edward].

The market forces are poised to get your cash, whether it’s for ginchy Halloween decorations, naughty costumes or the latest over-hyped horror extravaganza, which would of course be Zombieland. But it’s a good time to share the love with some of the hard working indy film makers who find it hard to get a foot into that lucrative Hollywood pipeline.

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Just a reminder I’ll be at Albacon most of the weekend, so follow my tweets or just be patient until I have a chance to draw breath again.

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  1. Todd Mason says:

    Edward: "Say it!" Bella: "One-punch-story anthology series!"

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