BitchBuzz: No Girls Allowed

Yeah, you may have already guessed — or seen — my BitchBuzz column for this week. It’s up early, in fact I shot it off to my editor while I was [cough] not attending the faculty meeting. Hey, I had pressing news to cover! Considering the quick hits it got, I’m glad I did.

Hat tips to pals Brad Brooks, who told me about the Start Trek connection, and to Dan Shea, who gave me an awesome quote to steal on Facebook (hey, maybe it can go in your tenure file):

I’m sure they did a lot of testing, but I just can’t believe there was no woman on the team or at least one in an important enough position to say, “No, no, hell no!” when it came to naming it the iPad.

Read the rest, as always, at BBHQ. I have meetings in the morning, so maybe I’ll post this now. Having got my column done early, I did a little reading tonight. I have Chris Anderson’s Free out from the library, recommended to me by several folks. I find myself nodding a lot at what he says. We’re undergoing a fundamental shift in our culture — our culture in the global sense. At times I get a glimpse of the answers about where it’s going, but it’s just out of the corner of my eye. Exciting times we live in — difficult, confusing and changing at an incredible pace, but exciting all the same.


  1. Todd Mason says:

    And, of course, your source of FREE is indicative of the roots of the Free notion…

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    But also the moral purpose of "improving" the general public by offering them information and educative resources; first by those who could afford the largesse, then as a public good. Considering the lack of support for the public good, they may soon disappear like the carrier pigeon.

  3. Todd Mason says:

    Like so much else.

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