1. Alice says:

    Down in the Philadelphia metro area, we started getting ours a few days ago…but I've never quite bought into the notion that the Equinox nor the Solstice actually begins the season.In re the Facebook photo/query…I keep telling folks I'm an astral projection, but somehow of the compound-noun they just choose to hear the first syllable…perhaps with some justice…

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Oops…if I'm going to self-parody, I shouldn't do it w/o signing out of Alice's account…

  3. I've been called many things-including the first syllable of "astral". I just keep reminding myself that my detractors must know themselved very well since they recognize themselves in others. (Heheheheheheheheh!!!)Beautiful photo Kate. Susan and I are happy it's here at last! Hope this preludes a delightful summer for you all.LOL.

  4. Hagelrat says:

    love the pic, my snowdrops bring me so much pleasure this time of year, all four of them. 😉

  5. K. A. Laity says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for coming by! I have been celebrating seasonally with some friends (I think Todd/Alice was astrally projecting here — the mushroom soup was surely a lure). I nicked the photo from an English garden sight, but I saw one on the way back from campus Thursday, so they're blooming here, too. Two days in a row with the windows open — soon it will be too warm, but for now, it's just gorgeous.

  6. Detroit is a few days (or weeks) from this. Lovely.

  7. K. A. Laity says:

    Hope it gets there soon, Patti!

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