Pelzmantel: Cover with Lettering

Very happy! Doesn’t it just look wonderful? Even the lettering seems to capture the magical feeling of the story — I love the way it swirls.

7 thoughts on “Pelzmantel: Cover with Lettering

  1. C'mon June!Yeah, well Storm says the art will be available as a poster and maybe more. I'll update here once I know. I'm going to get promo postcards for cons and such. Gorgeous!

  2. I'm totally and unashamedly a book-by-the-cover girl. This cover makes me want this book, a lot. Unikirja I will probably get around to buying because I'm a folklore junkie and I know you, Pelzmantel I plan to buy right away.

  3. LOL — well, I'm glad it's been effective. But I must put in a good word for Unikirja not just because I think it's a good book (I do!) but also because the photograph on the cover looks clearer in reality than it does in the digital version.Hmmm — maybe the rock paintings should be part of the book trailer…

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