Double BitchBuzz: Tea and Fairy Tales

Busy week and I’m making good use of it! Two extra columns:

Fox’s New Biscuit and Tea Tasting Guide

“I prefer a nice cup of tea to sex.” – Boy George
What could need less thought than your tea and biscuit? Kettle on, package open, insert in mouth. Well, Fox’s Biscuits wants you to reconsider everything and to get you to approach tea and biscuit combinations as if you were pairing wine with your dinner. I had my doubts, but I have to say I was won over.
Pearl Lowe hosted the tea party to launch Fox’s new Biscuit and Tea Tasting guide, adding a touch of her particular style to the event, but it was the surprise appearance of notorious tea lover Boy George that really brought the point home: some people are just fanatical about tea. And why not? There’s no indulgence quite as comforting as a big tea party. Add a little Buck Fizz if anyone feels like they’re being deprived somehow…

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Joan Jonas’s “The Juniper Tree” Exhibition

Joan Jonas ignites the resonant power of the fairy tale in her installation The Juniper Tree at the Tate Modern. What is it about the magic of “once upon a time” that seems so well suited to echo the tangled webs of female existence? Whatever it is, Jonas has harvested it for this piece, which memorializes a performance piece she has presented in various forms since its debut at the ICA in Philadelphia back in 1976, although like all her productions, she considers this to be a “work in progress” yet. While a static version of a performance piece may not sound ideal, as Jonas herself puts it, it captures “the shifting nature between performance, memory, and physical presence.” Think of it as a 3-D scrapbook…

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Check the two pieces out and be sure to retweet or post on Facebook if you want to help share them. The Jonas installation has inspired an idea for a play which I’m pecking away at while I work on ten other things (as usual). And no, Robert — she’s not related to the Jonas Brothers as far as I know.

Yesterday went to the new exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery, but I found it rather disappointing and uninspired. The only pieces I liked much were paintings by Sigrid Holmwood and Ged Quinn. I was hoping for more.

Off to the wild west today (Hanwell, that is). Fun!