BitchBuzz: The Whiteboard Meme

My latest column on this week’s internet wildfire:

Why the “White Board Girl” Meme Was So Popular

By K.A. Laity
The link that launched a million laughs has, perhaps predictably, been exposed as a hoax. The Gawker gleefully “exposed” the pranksters and a lot of #HOPA tweets were predictably misogynist in their tone as they slapped down a woman who was presumably too ready to declare herself attractive (how dare she!).

This focus on the pranking and suckering misses the point: why it spread like wildfire across the world. It spread so fast that traditional social media trend watchers were way behind the dozens of women (repeated globally) who all sent it to each other…

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I’m off to North Carolina tomorrow morning for some r-n-r with Susan and Mildred — and Ron and Birdie and all the kitties. Well, not quite all the kitties: Susan lost Chelsea this week. She was nearly nineteen. Her health had just became too frail. I think many of you know the pain of losing these little friends who are such a big part of our lives. I will miss her. My heart goes out to Susan.