Kit Marlowe Visits UnBound

Kit Marlowe is over at the UnBound blog with the Ravenous writers today. She’s writing about cant, jargon and slang in her books and in her favorite novels. Join her and the whole crew, who are a fun bunch of folks and our wonderful hostess, the fabulous Dana Fredsti. Here’s a snippet:

I love language!

I know, I know: all writers do, but I love the superfluity of language that supplies slang. I think in part it’s like knowing a secret handshake or being part of an exclusive club. I specialize in rather obscure languages: for my graduate work I studied Old English, Middle English, Old Norse, Old Irish, Old High German, Middle High German, Modern German, Modern Swedish, Modern Icelandic and Latin (whew!).

But what I really love most are informal vocabularies that define a time or place…

Kit has reason to be cheery: her novella set in Jazz Age London, “The Big Splash,” will be released by Noble Romance next month. Wow, barely born and already two publications! That’s making a big splash for sure.

I, on the other hand, am still struggling out from under a bunch of tasks I’d hoped to have done by now so I could be back to focusing on writing. Soon, soon!