BitchBuzz: Good Witch/Bad Witch

My latest column engages with an old topic:

Christine O’Donnell: Good or Bad Witch?

If you were living under a rock you might have missed the fact that television personality and part-time poker of hot topics, Bill Maher, resurrected footage from a decade or so ago showcasing rabid right-wing American Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell, darling of the Tea Party and self-confessed non-masturbator, as she admitted to hanging around with questionable young men and “dabbling in witchcraft,”, words which have rung across cyperspace via snark express ever since.

No, it didn’t help that she was sitting next to Clive Barker as she spoke about it—clearly part of the monolithic illuminati of the Gay Agenda, which operates by making rabid homophobes kind of gay.

The dividing lines are clear: on the sympathetic side, cries for a moratorium on youthful transgressions (hmmm, when did we last hear that?) and a waving hand of irrelevancy.  Yet—perhaps not that surprisingly—among the wackiest of the wack jobs—i.e. Karl Rove—there is also a concern to “cleanse” their candidate to a pristine, non-masturbating, no-premarital-sex purity. In other words, they want her to clarify her “witchy” past and show contrition and a will to do penance (oh, wait—wrong branch of the monotheism) for the error of her ways.

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It has proved incredibly popular, generating a lot of retweeting and Facebook repostings, as well as a long conversation on my Facebook wall. The funny thing is I saw that show when it first aired and remember it — though I didn’t remember her specifically — because of course Clive Barker was on the show. He appeared a few times; I think he’s pals with Maher. The insanity around this non-issue really steams me. We have so far to go yet: it often feels discouraging.

The best cure for discouragement: hang out with people full of energy and hope! Out at my friend Mary’s with a bunch of people for a full moon/equinox bonfire last night. Have you seen the moon the last couple nights? With Jupiter hanging out nearby? Gorgeous. Mary has the most incredible sanctuary and the most amazing gardens, too. Incredible to see the gigantic blooms of the moonflowers in the dark. She told us to take one home, so I did. Enormous, isn’t it! As wide as the length of my hand.