Reviewed: PELZMANTEL @ UnBound

Nice surprise for me this weekend:

K.A.Laity | Peltzmantel

When we are small fairy tales being with, ‘Once upon a time’ and end at ‘happily ever after’. As we get older we discover nothing really works like that, life doesn’t start at Once Upon or end at Ever After and the only stories that stop there are ones that no one really believes in.

Peltzmantel starts, as much as any story can, towards the end of one life and the start of another, remaining a small part of the storytellers own long years. It ends, as much as any story can, at a point of hope and renewal, as good a point as any to stop. Although then there are snippetts, short stories, windows into episodes of other lives to follow. ..

Read the rest over at UnBound and be sure to check out their wide variety of interviews, reviews, conversations and peeks into the writing life. They’re about to announce their new video editions as well. I’m quite pleased that such a comprehensive site gave me a positive review 🙂 I was chuckling on Twitter about a review I came across of The Sandman Papers that focused particular scorn on my essay for its use of an “obscure radical feminist” theorist. I realise Hélène Cixous may not be a household name, but she’s a fairly venerable writer at this point. I guess any feminist is “radical” to some folks and there are the kind of fan boys who won’t accept any criticism of Neil Gaiman. It’s nonetheless pleasing to have the very first essay I ever wrote on comics getting attention yet (it’s better than being ignored). I’ve learned so much since then. Every writing project teaches me something.