My Birthday / Your Present

I don’t have a scanner so this will have to do for now. A photo of a photo on a camera with no view finder. I think this must be the house on Clark Road just after it was finished, because my grandparents house next door (where we had been living) has an alcove by the front door. I’m not yet two according to the Kodacolor date on the back.

So, yes, it’s my birthday and a rather intimidating number of them have added up so I will not think about that and instead I’m going to give away a copy of The Mangrove Legacy to someone at random who comments on this post.

Surely someone will want to wish me a happy birthday, right? Well, I shall be off gallivanting. I hope to check in now and then. The definite plans include lunch with Bertie and drinkies with the gang at The Point at the traditional cocktail hour — there are rumours of cake and the possibility of a ritual from last year being repeated. We shall see.

I must choose the right hat…