Snow Day

An official snow day: a rarity! It’s eerily quiet around here. The only birds to be seen are the crows. The usually-busy street below my eyrie has only the occasional car. The drummer downstairs, however, is home. It was snowing quite hard yesterday morning as I walked to campus. During the short walk, here’s how much snow accumulated:

Crazy, huh? And it continues to fall. Well, I plan to use the day to get some writing done of course! So go entertain yourself. What, you’re bored? Well, I’ll read for you for a little while, but then you’ll have to find someone else with whom to while away your day. If you need something to do, start planning your submission to The Journal of the Women’s League of Ale Drinkers.  All right, then?

Kit Marlowe‘s talking about making trailers over on the Tease Publishing blog.