Publishing News & Connecticut Bound


Over at Night and Day, The Spectator’s Arts blog, I have an introduction to erotic fiction that will give you some  steamy reading for this rainy day. Simon always gives me such interesting assignments; I find it amusing that the newspaper is so conservative and its Arts blog so liberal. Of necessity, this is only a taste of the genre. As I write in the preamble,

A beginner’s guide to erotic fiction cannot help but be incomplete. One cannot do justice to such a broad body of literature, so I have selected a bouquet of offerings that will provide novices with a sampling of the breadth of the field, from which they can explore further…

I’ve neglected to mention also having a story accepted for publication, “The Wyandotte Haunting” which includes…

ghostly chickens?

Could it be true? Yes, perhaps. That’s a couple of Wyandottes in the photo, whom I snapped at the Altamont Fair last year, or was it the year before? There’s a little nod to one of my inspirations, Ramsey Campbell. More info as it becomes available: a collection from Pill Hill Press (home of my zombie Western “High Plains Lazarus” too). The essay on Gilliam’s Tideland has finally settled into place (ay yi yi, there’s a story), but the main thing I’m hastily working on at present is The Triumph of the Carpet Beetle, my non-fiction collection. More as that gets closer to release (soon, soon — we all know how pleased I am with tedious and painstaking tasks 9_9).

I’m off to Connecticut today, lunch with M. Marko, dinner with Sue Crowley, then evening at Elena’s (assuming they get safely home from their travels). In the morning Elena’s cartooning class, then a visit with the QoE before returning to Elena’s. I wanted to be sure to have a chance to see everyone before I headed off to England. Life is a bit of a whirlwind lately (only lately?!). So little time, so much to do!