Publication: The Wyandotte Haunting


There Was a Crooked House…
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
ISBN-13: 978-1-61706-111-0
Cover Price $15.99

Lots of crooked stories, in a little crooked book…
includes the following  pieces of short fiction: 

Cat Call by Kat Heckenbach
The Crooked House of Coins  by Jeff Chapman
Glass House by Heidi Mannan
Don’t Let the Rain Come Down by  Gerald Costlow
With Breath Too Sweet LaShawn M. Wanak
Unexpected Guests in My  Basement by Charles Day
Aliens, Angels, and Arsenic by M. Kaye
Moon, The Other  Side of Silence by Fiona Glass
Wrong Side Down by Rob Rosen, Her by Walter  Campbell
Little Girl Blue by Kevin McClintock
Crooked Time by Samuel Gibb
Summer Schwartz and the Crazy House by David Perlmutter
Remembered Sins by H.J.  Hill
Olverston Grange by M. Leon Smith
That’s What Little Boys Are Made Of by  Emma Ennis
Every Choice by Mary-Jean Harris
The Mobile Home by Gregory L.  Norris
22 Beckett St. by Deb Eskie
I Am But Its Instrument by George Wilhite
Nightmares Every Night by Gary Buettner
Metamorphosis by Eva Glynn Stephens
The Nanny by Susan York Meyers
Eviction Notice by John H. Dromey
Can’t Stop  Growing Old by Patrick Shand
The Wyandotte Haunting by K.A. Laity
The Girl in  the Crooked House by Katherine Simmons
Clown Fish by Richard Jay  Goldstein.

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