Voyage to Connecticut

 I met the fabulous Queen of Everything for breakfast at Cafémantic in Willimantic. Quite lovely — never had been there before; it was delightful.

 Then we headed over to WECS to heckle Marko throughout the Punk Rock Jukebox — I mean, to help promote the Salacious Art show that features some of the QoE’s fine work (as is that poster). I got to give a shout out to my Mark up in Scotland, but I couldn’t quite convince Marko to play all of Extricate (Extra Kate?). Then we headed off to the Willi Pub and had burgers and beer and more giggles.

 Next it was off to Elena’s where the puppies were all happy to greet me, especially if I was eating something, eh Shaq?

 We had some wine and watched frighteningly bad films, The Godmonster of Indian Flats and a little bit of Swamp Girl (which had one amazing theme song O_o).

 On Saturday, Rod and Elena took me to Stew Leonard’s, which they’d always talked about but I’d never been to. It’s like Whole Foods, except it has all these wacky animatronic displays. Quite an experience. Must work it into a story.

Elena and I hashed out some of the next stage of Jane Quiet, our comic, while — as I noticed much later — mosquitoes made a meal of my feet. I headed back to Albany in time to run into the fierce rain, which of course let up once I arrived. Had a nice dinner with Debi (congratulations on finishing that first draft of your novel!) and then it was back to facing the huge pile of things that must be done. Sigh.