BitchBuzz: Butterfly World Project

I’m heading off to Philadelphia for Authors After Dark with Kit Marlowe this morning; doubtless I’ll have stories to share from there. Hope to see Todd and Alex while I’m in town. My column today features a lovely place that I can’t wait to see first hand. I learned about it from the fabulous photographer of the Pirate Pub.

The Butterfly World Project

By K.A. Laity

Chances are you’ve spent the last few days desperately defending your small shop from local thugs, wearing your fingers out texting your thug pals for the next riot hotspot, or sobbing quietly as the world seemed to be melting into a fiery ball before your stunned eyes.

When the latest round of cynical politicians trying to capitalise on tragedy for gains in the polls or just to sabotage their rivals gets you down, you need something to restore the will to live.

Just outside London in the rolling green of Hertfordshire you will find the Butterfly World Project, an oasis of beauty and peace that will provide the antidote to fire, police sirens and screams of horror. This £27 million project was conceived by Clive Farrell, a butterfly fanatic and lepidopterist whose dream was to create a tribute to the butterfly and a dedicated centre of learning for the preservation of this fragile and beautiful species. The project is now in Phase III and by the winter of 2012, should be the biggest butterfly experience in the world…

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