BitchBuzz and Over the Edge

I’m fighting off a cold that seemed to ride my coattails from London but if I’m feeling not too bad, I plan to head off to Over the Edge’s reading tonight at the library (where I am now mayor 🙂 and perhaps try out a new piece at the open mic if there’s room. A rather silly piece, but one I’m already fond of and having run it by a couple of people, I’d love to hear how it goes over with a crowd.

My column nearly didn’t happen this week: I tried a couple of different things and nothing jelled (maybe it was coming down with this cold — can’t remember the last time I was sick!). So I emailed my editor to admit defeat and voilá! She had something for me to write up. Looks like a fun event:

Put the Kink in Your Ink at Eroticon 2012

By K. A. Laity

One of the undeniable effects of the ebook revolution is the explosion of erotica and erotic romance particularly for female readers. Freed from the dead giveaway of the saucy cover, women now fill up their Kindles and mobile devices with a glorious variety of fun smut and sexy takes. It’s about time someone got some of the practitioners of this writing genre together.

Eroticon 2012 will be the UK’s first sex bloggers and erotica writers conference and will take place on March 3rd next year. Over 100 sex bloggers and erotica writers will meet in Bristol for a unique conference.  Eroticon is the UK’s first conference aimed exclusively at sex bloggers and erotica writers and has a schedule crammed full of great sessions and speakers.

The conference is the brainchild of erotic author Ruby Kiddell, who says:

“The idea for Eroticon came about having attended the Cybermummy conference where I was sponsored through my erotic writing site.  There were other sex bloggers there and I knew that we held back in discussing the content of our blogs in such a general atmosphere and so I conceived Eroticon, a blogging conference exclusively for those writing about sex online…”

Read the rest over at BBHQ!