Publications: Mandrake & Magpies/Songs of Defiance

Cabbalistic Light
Cabbalistic Light

Just back from a visit with Elena, Rod and Lydia in Dublin where we also managed to run into Bono, Michale Bublé — and more importantly @sirthopas and Pádraig. Pictures soon! I’ve also got some good news to share on the publication front.

First, my short story “Mandrake and Magpies” — the first story to be set in Galway! — has just appeared in the first international noir anthology, Dark Pages from Trestle Press’ new imprint. The ebook is available on Amazon for just $2.99 and gives you a wealth of terrific works from a terrific group of writer including my pal Mr B, who also made an off-hand reference to the classic overwrought pop anthem “MacArthur Park” in his story.

I’m sure my ongoing obsession with magpies surprises no one; the “mandrake” part may be more obscure, but it’s a reference to a Fall lyric by MES (of course, I hear you say) and actually featured first in a 140 word story I wrote (still floating around out there somewhere). I feel a bit nervous about having my first story set in Ireland out there, but I had fun making use of the areas I know pretty well now (and making a small swipe at the Gardai immigration office, grrrr). Fun!

And I think my contribution to the Drunk on the Moon series will be out this coming week: It’s a Curse which is, ah, also named after a Fall song (>_<). Heh.

On a different tack, the lovely Alessandra Bava and I appear together (literally! on adjoining pages) in the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. A wonderful cause and the collection made more poignant by the brutal destruction of the OWS library by police the other night. Ale’s piece “Sons of Disobedience” appears in both English and Italian. My “Songs of Defiance” originally appeared in the Bayou Review and was composed after the 2004 election, when despair filled the corridors of UHD. The fight never ends.