Coming Soon: Burning Bridges

You may remember the tale of a certain shady publisher. Writers are a resilient bunch, however. We know how to deal with adversity: write it, publish it, triumph over it. As the Hávamál teaches us:

Cattle die, kinsmen die,
You will die the same.
The one thing that never dies
Is your eternal fame.

For good or for ill, that is. Vikings knew what they were on about. So coming May 1st and free to the world is the anthology BURNING BRIDGES. Inside you’ll find:

Julia Madeleine
K.A. Laity
Mark Cooper
Darren Sant
Allan Leverone
Paul D. Brazill
George S. Geisinger
Edith M. Maxwell
Benjamin Sobieck
Tace Baker
Joshua J. Mark
L. Vera
B.R. Stateham
Heath Lowrance

And we will rock you, as they say. Because we know that George Herbert was right:

Living well is the best revenge.

And here’s the soundtrack for it 😉