Tuesday’s Overlooked A/V: Evil Roy Slade

As the mobile version of Blogger leaves a lot to be desired, this will be necessarily brief and devoid of video, which you can doubtless easily google (or find via the search engine of your choice).

EVIL ROY SLADE (1972) stars the incomparable John Astin as the title character, but also features a wild assortment of fine character actors like Mickey Rooney, Dom Deluise, Henry Gibson and of course Dick Shawn as the would-be pursuer of justice with the unfortunate name, Marshal Bing Bell.

The running joke with his name amused my family to no end when I was a kid. I have a thing for a good running joke. Astin of course holds everything together with his gleeful bad man in the old west. Family-friendly groaners and laughs galore. Fun stuff. Look for cameos from Penny Marshall, John Ritter and Ed Begley Jr.

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