Jam, Jute and Journalism


Hello from sunny Dundee, land of jute, jam and journalism: well, it is at the moment. Sort of. Oodles to catch up on, so I will avoid rehashing the harrowing journey and just give you a couple of news items. It wasn’t that harrowing after all. I am beyond grateful for the help from Maura and Terry. I could not have made it without your help. And of course I received a warm welcome here from the boys and a nice cuppa as I collapsed. My luggage didn’t all make it, but fingers crossed, by Wednesday.

Sad to leave Galway; happy to be in Dundee. It evens out. Pictures from around Galway here and here, and Dublin.


The Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse has a shiny new look and URL. Take a look and update your links. All kinds of things happening behind the scenes there, too. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have a short crime story up at Spinetingler Magazine called “Losing My Religion.” Wonder where I got that name? Proud to be in that fine publication.

I have a very silly and slightly scandalous piece up at The Laughter Shack, “The Beaver Dating Service” which is really just about some environmentally concerned folks. Er, probably. Why is everyone laughing? Hanging out with the bad boys has rubbed off on me. I blame them.

The second post in my “Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Magic” is up at Witches & Pagans. It seems to be generating interest in my collection Rook Chant, which is of course the plan.

I sent off my story “The Price” for Tales of the Nun & Dragon. I can’t wait to see what ends up in that collection. It’s bound to be great fun.

Fingers crossed that Ruby will be doing my cover for Owl Stretching. She did the gorgeous cover for Pelzmantel, so I hope the cover for the latest from Immanion will be just as beautiful.

Two magpies in Dublin said goodbye, two more in Edinburgh greeted my arrival. All will be well.