Out Now: The Claddagh Icon


I’m happy to announce that my noir tale The Claddagh Icon has been released in English and Italian by Atlantis Books/Lite Editions. You can buy them on Amazon UK (so far) and at the Atlantis site. It’s part of their series of global noir, each one highlighting a different city around the world.

UPDATE: Amazon US link (not yet active).

I am grateful to my generous pal Mr B, Paul D. Brazill, for suggesting my name to editor Lorenzo. It’s a great opportunity to appear along with him and pal Richard “Mr Glamour” Godwin, as well as many other authors from around the world and beautiful photography from Mirko Merchiori. Check out all the other stories, too.

Here’s the blurb:

He saw Clodagh by the Claddagh Icon when the sun lit her golden hair. Two drinks later he figured he was in like Flynn and ready for sin. Of course there was the small matter of her husband, but once she had him on his knees, there were all kinds of things a man might agree to do.

Online you can read a generous portion of the tale (which clocks in around 6K) to see if it’s something you’d like. Very noir, very sexy, so if you blush easily hide the cover on your Kindle. By the by, if you purchase it from Atlantis directly, you can pay via Paypal. It comes in epub format but you can easily convert it to Kindle or PDF via the free program Calibre.