Around the V&A

A nice wander yesterday as I had to return my library books anyway. Some dramatic skies, a mooch through the V&A — which reminds me, I don’t think I ever posted the pictures from the Michael Clark exhibit — to say nothing of Venice! I wouldn’t say life is settling down but I may finally…

Old Friends

Also at the McManus but a bit different from the art upstairs; though some new ones here, too:

At the McManus

I always manage to drop by the McManus to see old favourites and to check out what’s new. Maong their new offers is Hidden Histories which highlights women, artists of colour and LGBTQI+ artists, too. It’s a good start in a new direction.

In the Howff

Hares or rabbits? You tell me. I’m guessing from the white tail, rabbits. Seagulls a plenty, starlings, a magpie I couldn’t quite capture with the phone. I was struck by their proximity to the grave of a veterinarian. Wee daisies. And unexpected augmentation of a cherub. Such a peaceful oasis in central Dundee.

Gothic Mists

It would have been a crime to waste this beautiful misty morning late in the year, and after all I was dropping off the recycling at the transfer station nearby, so a little jaunt through Hudson City Cemetery seemed just the thing.

Fire, Uncomfortably Close

March: in like a lion? Check. High winds, a fallen tree, a transformer hit, sudden fire that burned so hot it made holes in the road, and yay — power outage in subzero weather. I’d much prefer to be dull. You know it’s bad when I could smell the smoke (I have a bad sense…

Writers Retreat: Albergo Ristorante Leso

Thanks to Damien Seaman, I got a chance to tag along for a week’s writing retreat in this beautiful mountain location near Verona. Albergo Ristorante Leso is in the small village of Bosco Chiesanuova. I just wanted to write and somehow alpine air is inspiring — or maybe it was the cowbells. Fellow Fox Spirit…

NYC, the QoE, Singer Sargent & More

Yes, I am still labouring to get caught up. Maybe sometime in November if I finish what I’m working on now [insert crazed laughter]. Nevertheless for sanity’s sake I ran off to the city to meet up with the fabulous Queen of Everything, Stephanie (have you seen her latest creations?!) to plot and plan. This…

Grissel Jaffray’s Stone

In the Howff this stone has come to be called the headstone of Grissel Jaffray, last witch executed in Dundee. It’s not her headstone, but who am I to mess with tradition? There is of course a formal memorial for her as well. Besides, the cemetery is full of lovely sights. You should probably visit…

Olafur Eliasson @ Tate Modern

If you can’t get to the Tate Mod, be sure to watch the BBC programme on Eliasson’s preparation for the exhibit (and also the Cindy Sherman one even though I had to miss her exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery — sob!). The exhibit is immersive and experiential so it went far too fast. Speaking…