Cyber Monday Holiday Bazaar

The white birch at UP

I got a wonderful email from Alyce Wilson, editor of Wild Violet, a magazine that’s hosted a few things I’ve written. She had a terrific idea that she’s put into practice:

Part of Wild Violet’s mission is to support independent writers and artists. With that in mind, on my author’s blog, I have created a post where writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, crafters, etc. can list their goods in order to make it easier for holiday buyers. So if you have something you’d like to sell, stop by the 2012 Holiday Bazaar and promote your work!

So, I’m going to do the same for the writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and crafters I know: in the comments, put your name, your connection with me (IRL, FB, Twitter, etc) and tell us about an item you have available for folks to buy this holiday season: be sure to include a link to where people can find out more. If you want anything to change in our upside-down culture, stop handing your cash over to the bloated corporations who take all their untaxed profits off-shore while complaining about their underpaid workers needing healthcare.


Of course I have a bunch of books to flog —

Logo designed by Cortney Skinner

But I want to share a group I’ve shared before, artists doing their best to help in simple ways: Hand to Hand Vision. Created and managed by Elizabeth Massie, it was begun in Jan. 2011 to raise money by auctioning quality handmade items to help others during these tough economic times.

I also want to mention my friend Mary Browne’s sanctuary Universal Pathways; she offers a wonderful oasis just outside Albany with gardens, a labyrinth and over 500 acres of woods, fields, streams and hills to walk in. She has a wonderful retreat center and in the summer does weddings and other gatherings.


  1. Connections: FB, Twitter, and most important: the Kraken.

    I wrote a science fiction novel featuring a computer, Cel, that ascends to consciousness. Apocalypse that follows is personal for Cel’s owner. CEL & ANNA is available in print and multiple ebook formats.

    1. katelaity says:

      Excellent, Lindsay! Thanks for sharing.

  2. SL Johnson says:

    Connections: IRL, the best connection of all. And then all the social media you force me to engage in: FB, Twitter, WordPress, etc. 😀

    I have plenty of artwork available here:

    Digital work is no problem, the some block prints may already be sold out.


    1. katelaity says:

      Heh, heh! This woman is the STUFF! You’ve seen her fabulous covers for some of my books. Her work is amazing! Buy it! Hire her! Commission some art!

  3. Todd Mason says:

    Connections: we met virtually in the ’90s sometime through the Horror List at Indiana U. We’ve swapped comments on blogs, such as this, and a bit on FB, which I can’t love, but at least the manipulations of its unsecret masters are at least more obvious than those of the other electronic fora…I read your tweets at times, just as I read others’ at times, though I’ve not yet furthered my Twit status. And we’ve shared atmosphere on several occasions, when events and health have allowed.

    Hm…stuff you can buy that touches on me…well, my contribution to the ebook antho DISCOUNT NOIR was what got it cited on ISFDb, but there are better stories in that assembly (my own best stories so far have been shortlisted for the Datlow/Windling YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR and the Lambda Award, but haven’t been reprinted yet). You could buy SUPERNATURAL FICTION WRITERS, 2nd Edition, edited by Richard Bleiler, but it’s prohibitively expensive…buy it if you can afford it and have someone (or yourself) to give it to, and you get survey essays by Kate and me and more famous horror folk and such. I’ve been thanked by editors for assisting them…those were pretty fine books, too…thanked by bands for writing them up and/or playing them on the radio…and those were fine recordings and concerts…

    1. Todd Mason says:

      Oh…here’s the most direct (though not the cheapest, but that puts us in among the Biggest of Current Evils in some ways) means of getting DISCOUNT NOIR:

      1. katelaity says:

        Discount Noir is a fine buy — and one might suggest one’s library buy Bleiler’s duo. It’s a worthwhile acquisition.

  4. clirvin says:

    Connections: Twitter, Facebook, Weird Noir

    I’ve got a story in Dreadworks Journal Vol.1. The magazine is a collaboration between the members of my writing group. People can check it out and order a copy here :

    Thanks, Kate!

    1. katelaity says:

      And of course you’re in WEIRD NOIR!

      1. clirvin says:

        Of course! 🙂

  5. katelaity says:

    An excuse to share the good reviews 😉

    1. clirvin says:

      And deservedly so! I’m loving the book and very proud to have my story included alongside such great works. Glad to see the reviews are equally as glowing.

      1. katelaity says:

        We just need more of them!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing info about Hand to Hand Vision! We frequently have auctions going on, auctions of quality hand-made arts and crafts, with 100% of the money going to help those in need. 🙂

    1. katelaity says:

      It’s a wonderful vision and I’m glad more people are sharing it all the time.

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