Out Now: À la Mort Subite


A la Mort Subite

Out now from Lite Editions, it’s my latest noir tale À la Mort Subite which is the beginning of a serial story about a hit man and a femme fatale; things don’t go quite as planned for the Englishman abroad in the city that has the finest beers in the world. Not only do we get a visit to the titular café, but there’s a trip to the ‘futuristic’ Atomium.

Here’s a snippet:

As first impressions go, it was better than he expected. While the city had that slightly miniature, old timey look that he expected all the continent shared, it seemed a lot nicer and more modern too. Probably his swank arrival in the Eurostar helped that. Even old Paddington Station had smarted up since the last time he took a train out.

Of course he had been bound for Leicester to see Adele then; the good old days. Dead and gone they were.

He wasn’t too sure about this job. Symington wasn’t at all keen on foreign travel, but the money waved under his nose had been too alluring to pass on. Simon had sold him on the gig, despite his misgivings. “You need a proper holiday.” He had slapped him on the back and ordered another double scotch for his old mate. “Take the job, get the dosh, have a few drinks. Back on the train. Easy peasy jalfrezi.”

“Drinks?” Symington had already had too many of them that night. He didn’t like to get sloppy, but Simon always managed to cajole him into more than was wise.

“Beer capitol of the world!” Simon said, poking his chest with a finger to make sure he knew it was serious. “They have more beers than anywhere—most of them really good.”

“I thought Germany was the best beer place. Octoberfest and all that.”

Simon shook his head and downed his double. “Nope. Belgium is a beer drinker’s paradise. Try it and see.”

Symington looked up at the café entrance. He would have a chance to test that theory here. While the place next door had the ever-present Stella sign, this one had a glass and wood front that gave it a more carefree air. The name appeared in neon above the door.

À la Mort Subite….

Remember, you can make your own noir anthology over at Lite Editions. There are some fine offerings from my pals Mr B and Richard Godwin as well as my other noir The Claddagh Icon. Good stuff — load up your ereader! (and yes, it will be coming to Amazon as well eventually).



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