Catching Up

2013-11-25 14.16.44I can’t believe November is almost over. While my days seem completely relaxed and peaceful, I have been so very busy with one thing or another, so the time has just flown by. I thought September was crazy, but October flew by before I could turn around, and November — we hardly knew ye! So what’s been going on?

My essay is up at Women Writers, Women’s Books on the need for Growing a Thick Skin if you want to create (includes using positive people as part of that skin).

I caught the Bloody Scotland on tour at Dundee Library; much fun!

As the hot chocolate at Henry’s Coffee House is my witness, I am a NaNoWriMo ‘winner’ with Knight of the White Hart which will be a Kit Marlowe novel once I’ve finished revising it.

extricate ebook 72ppi

Glorious cover art for Graham Wynd‘s noir novella by Sarah Anne Langton for Fox Spirit Books.

More translations of Hávamál, the Old Norse gnomic poem of Viking wisdom over at Pagan Square.

The Weird Conference probably deserves a separate write up: I’ve just been too busy. Maybe tomorow —

Shapeshifters Fox Pockets

The latest Fox Pockets anthology, Shapeshifters, has begun to garner reviews including some nice words about my story, “Carlos”: “This rather beautiful little story ends on a pitch perfect bittersweet note.” If you don’t know about the series, here’s the trailer:


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