Still Audacious!

three foxes

Me and the Cap’n and the Rev are still here to lead you into the unknown waters of 2014 (as captured in deft strokes by Vincent Holland-Keen). I don’t know about you, but January has flown past for me. It’s about the time that resolutions begin to flag. Time to reassess. What’s working? What isn’t? What needs to be done? What can be discarded?

It’s useful assess periodically, but be frank with yourself. What do you need? Man does not live on bread alone and woman neither. How are you feeding your creativity? Habit is a useful tool. Be mindful which ones you create.

I’ll say it again: Take up the flag of audacity and dare to be bold. Dream big. No one else can make the dreams in your head reality: dare, fail, pick yourself up and dare some more. And have a blast doing it.

Let 2014 be audacious.