Crime Fiction in Gdańsk

Here’s where I’ll be the rest of the week. I will endeavour to share pictures and stories as I can, WiFi allowing. I am looking forward to hanging with Mr B and a bunch of new folks, too, and talking about Dorothy Hughes.

As I type this up I got the word that Graham Joyce has died and I’m gutted. His books are magic, but he was a terrific guy and always very kind to me (even though I wrote about his work which tends to make writers nervous). One of my best panels ever was the fairytale panel we did together at Alt-Fiction. I went to his website to get a link for this piece and saw one of his last tweets is in praise of Iain Banks at his passing. The outpouring of sorrow shows how many people he touched. He will be missed so very much.

As Pete and Dud would say, in the midst of life we are in debt. I am forever in Graham’s debt. I hope I write books worthy of what I owe.


  1. SL Johnson says:

    Have a fab time! And that is one poster I wish I had designed!

    1. katelaity says:

      I plan to steal one.

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