Out Now: Missing Monarchs

“Headless in Bury” by Graham Wynd

Graham Wynd


The latest Fox Pockets anthology is out! These lovely volumes from Fox Spirit Books pack a big punch in a little package — pocket-sized you might say. This is the fourth: collect them all. Of course I’m pleased to be featured in this volume with a slightly mad story about a gruff PI who gets an unusual job: finding a missing monarch —

–or at least his head!

It seems to have something to do with a bunch of viking wannabes. Will our shamus get to the bottom of these odd doings? Read it to find out and check out the ToC for a bunch of fine folks:


Graham Wynd – Headless in Bury
Emma Teichmann – In Absentia
Lou Morgan – Oliver Cromwell’s Other Head
Jonathan Ward – The Collector
Victoria Hooper – The Lost Queen
Ro Smith – The Runaway King
Geraldine Clark Hellery –…

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