Albacon This Weekend!

Dream BookUPDATED!

Hey, kids in the capital region, I’ll be among the attendees at Albacon — which surprisingly has nothing to do with bacon at all but is the local SF/F/H/anime/manga/comics/costuming etc con. Plenty of fun people will be there: GoH is Mur Lafferty and Ghost of Honor is jan howard finder a.k.a. wombat. Doubtless I will be doing my best to flog Dream Book to all and sundry.

My schedule includes:


(possibly taking Debi Chowdhury’s place on the 9 and/or 10 am panels too)

Getting it Published
Laity, Hartwell, Chowdhury, Willis
Getting the Word Out
Laity, Chowdhury, Shvartzman
Social Media
Kressel, Lafferty*, Laity, Shvartsman
Flash Fiction
Hammond*, Laity, Schneyer, Shvartsman, Rothman
Noir in SF Cinema (or, perhaps,SF in Film Noir!)
Doyle, Laity*, Barnett/Grant

Full program here. Sorry for the rush job: trying to finish grading!

6 thoughts on “Albacon This Weekend!

  1. We’ll be there on Saturday, and are much looking forward to meeting you!

    I had to laugh when I saw your schedule. I suggested the Noir in SF Cinema (or, perhaps,SF in Film Noir!) panel, complete with the qualifier in parentheses — which was, of course, a suggested alternative title rather than an adjunct part of the title — and volunteered to moderate it. When my schedule arrived, it had both Saturday and Sunday events (they’d forgotten I wasn’t going to be there Sunday) but nothing about “my” panel, which I assumed had been given the thumbs down. It was a big relief, to be honest, because I’d expected I’d have to spend a few hours on homework beforehand. But now I see that — *sob!* — it was just that . . .

    *user falls into protracted bout of sniffles*

    • Well, damn! Let’s ask for it to be moved to Saturday. You should be on it. I was thinking about asking anyway because I wasn’t sure I could make it Sunday 😕

      • Oh, please don’t bother! The folk who organize these things are always under huge pressure; I make it a point of honor not to add to their stress. Besides, I really have been relieved not to have to find the few hours needed for homework. (I have a memory like a sieve.)

        Years ago Lunacon pulled this same trick on me. Out of curiosity, Pam and I trundled along to see the panel in question. (I now forget the subject.) One of the panelists was shit-hot good — he knew far more on the topic than I did. The other four or five spent their time publicly wondering why they’d been put on this panel . . .

        Anyway, good luck with it. I couldn’t imagine anyone more capable than yourself to present this subject.

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