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Kathryn 'Kit' Marlowe

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Join the adventures of Helen Rochester, her raven Tuppence, the alchemist Maggiormente, his Venetian lion Eduardo, and the great airship race at the Paris Exposition of 1867!

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Helen Rochester has a dream: unveiling her airship at the Paris Exposition of 1867. It’s sure to make a splash. But her interfering father wants to chaperone the journey — and she has doubts about the Italian alchemist. He has promised a revolutionary new fuel but why does he need the winged Venetian lion?

From the author of the comic Gothic novel The Mangrove Legacy and the Breton Lais series of medieval adventures, Airships & Alchemy brings you magic, mayhem, mechanicals — and beasts of various sizes!

What the critics say about Kit Marlowe:
“Heartily recommended to anyone who has a…

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