A New Hat

Mad HatterActually a couple of them: first I want to announce the new Digital Humanities Initiative at the College of Saint Rose, for which I got approval from the Dean this week and hastily mocked up a website (social media sites to come). In contrast to the dominant narrative of the arts & humanities as ‘luxuries’ we will endeavour to show their absolute necessity in the 21st century.

At least employers seem to grasp that fact! I seem to have got a few people willing to jump aboard the train, so we will chug away from the platform.

Also we have a brand new AAUP chapter to better facilitate our participation in the ongoing process of retrenchment at the college. Seems all that freewheeling spending that took place while I was away has had some serious repercussions — and will continue to do so.

So yes, busier than ever — the madness continues.