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I may be a trifle busy next week —

The Digital Humanities Initiative

ms-stowe-17I’ll be curating the @WeTheHumanities account starting Monday, February 6th. You can get a sense of the task through reading the blog, including the most recent curator here. The mission is spelled out on the WeTheHumanities home page:

We are an online project designed to spread the diversity and value of the humanities.  Begun as a rotation-curation project, which is still at the heart of the initiative, we’ve recently branched out into a more extensive blog and hope to grow even further in the coming months.

In the digital realm, it has become easier than ever to reach out, but finding your audience can be a challenge. What does it mean to be immersed in the humanities right now?

Join the conversation so we can figure it out!

Image via Medievalists.net

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