Do Anything You Wanna Do

My last penultimate story of 2017. And theme for 2018!


by K. A. Laity

By what a slender thread hangs an ordered life.

I was doing the shopping — doesn’t matter which store but let’s say its name starts with M — and it was just another day like the one before it and the one before that, and however many I can’t remember time out of mind. Tired of my job, tired of shopping for the family who never thank me for what I do. Just moaning at what I fix for tea. I know I’m no Jamie and I’ll never win the bake off, but just a little appreciation — is that too much to ask?

Wandering down the aisle, staring at all the different kinds of porridge and I wondered if there was really any difference between them all, then that song came on. It was a song from back in the day, one of those songs…

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