Leonora (& Me) in London

2019-08-01 21.28.26
I had a fabulous time at Treadwell’s spreading the word of Leonora Carrington and The Hearing Trumpet. Thanks so much for the invite, Christina! The enthusiastic audience really made me feel welcome. I have so much more to say about this book — I’ve actually pitched two more conferences with related pieces for next year. I think I will record a version of this talk for posting online: it won’t be the same as the live presentation, but it will give the flavour of it. So many people have asked who could not be there, so I will make an effort. The whole team made sure everything ran well. Thanks!

Pictures soon from the two exhibits I also managed to fit in before running off for some fun and plotting with Adele. And here’s Christina’s pup Rambo looking like he did not think too much of the talk — or maybe it was just the heat!

2019-08-01 21.28.45