Is It Funny? Episode 4 – Beyond the Fringe

This episode deals with Beyond the Fringe, the famous Oxbridge review that kicked off the ‘satire boom’ and starred Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Alan Bennett and Dudley Moore. And I suspect this may be just part one. And it went longer than the previous episode…

This week has been wearing: the car died, so there was all the folderol around that. I had an eye appointment this morning so of course this was the first morning in months that I did not wake at the usual time (alarms dispensed with months ago). Turns out I am not losing lots of vision, just spending far too much time staring at screens. More eyedrops and a special pair of staring at screens glasses to come.

Listen here.

N.B. Grole of course, not Groke (which is a Moomin character!)