Album Trailer #2: Love by Liz Davinci

Check out the video! I swiped ‘the sea refuses no river’ from Pete Townshend, of course, but he swiped it from a book of proverbs, which in my memory had been The Book of Proverbs from the bible, but as Julie Beman and I both discovered as we chatted on Twitter, it does appear in Ecclesiastes — but also in traditions across the world.

Punk Noir Magazine

Vicki in Love: Chapter 2 – Love

7am: Tuesday

Bus 262 slithers along hot curved roads. The Eucalyptus trees are fragrant and the blue skies are tainted with white smog on this Tuesday summer morning. Only 7am and the temperature suggests a bathing suit and a long day at the beach.

Inside the bus it’s packed, but at least air-conditioned. The business men and women wear their summer outfits, hardly different from their winter outfits, as they head to their air-conditioned offices. A tired baby howls. Its attentive mother tries to comfort it, worried that something worse than heat distresses her child.

A few people are drinking cold Frappuccinos through straws. The bus smells like sunscreen.

The winding roads are slowly replaced by straight ones and the trees by houses and then buildings, followed finally by grey skyscrapers as the bus nears its destination.

A woman dressed in black sandals…

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