Is It Funny? Episode 8 – More Dagenham Dialogues

More Dagenham Dialogues? Because I can’t just stop at one? Because they’re so much fun? Because I can’t help rhyming? Or my faulty sense of timing?

The two dialogues in question from Pete & Dud are ‘On Music’ and ‘On Sex’ and are not available in recorded form which leaves some aspects a mystery only to be imagined — which is more or less how they think about Sex. Music is a conduit to sex but also a way to conjure the imagination if you have the capability (they do not) and if you also have the title of the piece correct (this also they do not). Yes, I do at one point say Beowulf when I mean Beethoven. In my defence they begin the same way and the medieval came up a couple times in the course of discussing these dialogues so my subconscious took over. Apologies. A more exacting host than I would have re-recorded it. I am pressed for time so the handful of you who list will be asked to forgive me.

Listen here.