Is It Funny? Episode 9 – Eddie Braben

This is the podcast what I wrote about the man who gave Ernie Wise the plays what he wrote and even wrote a book that he called The Book What I Wrote about his life as a writer of comedy for everyone from Eric Morecambe and Ern to Kenn Dodd, The Two Ronnies, Spike Milligan and more. Eddie Braben was born October 31st, 1930, so he would have been 90 this Saturday if he had held on that long. A genius behind the scenes, his praises are never sung loudly enough but I give it a go (NB: I do not literally sing this episode.

Here’s the Graham McCann article I mention. Here’s (possibly) the funniest one liner ever. Here’s poor André Preview (neé Previn) and here is Glenda Jackson as famed historical beauty Cleopatra.

Here’s the man himself Eddie Braben talking to Miranda Hart.

Listen here.

Ernie Wise, producer John Ammonds, Eddie Braben and Eric Morecambe