Punk Noir Mag: The Clown

I have a story up over at Punk Noir Magazine, ‘The Clown’; thanks as always to Mr B. I stumbled across a flash tale I had submitted somewhere, pulling the punch at the end as I thought it wouldn’t fly. They didn’t like it anyway. Lesson: do what you want and be liked for what you do, or just forget about it.

I am hoping to get some things done including writing up new music I have been enjoying, some new art I have acquired, and of course, hoping to get the latest episode of the podcast up. It’s been challenging to find the quiet to record and so many things are making life challenging at present (let’s not mention a certain sword of Damocles hanging over the campus).

Read. Enjoy (and by ‘enjoy’ I mean, be horrified and possibly amused). I feel as if I have written almost nothing all this long painful year. This month will make it look otherwise. I have actually started to write again, a bit. Everything has changed. Nothing will be the same again. Perhaps, that is not all bad — but I can’t wait to be back in Scotland again.