Out Now: A Cut-Throat Business

Introducing the 3rd book in The Adventures Of Chastity Flame series from Fahrenheit Press:

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In A CUT-THROAT BUSINESS our hero Chastity Flame returns with all her usual joyful sexual abandon and top class, spy malarky – if you’ve read the first two books you’ll totally know what to expect, and if you haven’t slip into something more comfortable, pour yourself a glass of wine and buckle-up. This time around, Chas is hunting a serial killer across Europe.

If you’ve yet to have the pleasure of spending time with our girl Chastity you can catch up over the weekend as we’ve knocked a couple of quid off ALL 3 BOOKS.

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There’s just time to get in on the JANUARY SALE, too — if you act fast. Check out the other new and upcoming releases, too!