The Interrogation Room – Coming Through In Waves Special – K. A. Laity

I’m being interrogated!

Dirty Books

Next up in a series of interviews to celebrate the launch of the new Gutter Books anthology Coming Through In Waves: Crime Fiction Inspired By The Songs of Pink Floyd is K. A. Laity, author of Chastity Flame, Lush Situation and A Cut-Throat Business.

Author: K. A. Laity

Story Title: Lucifer Sam

Firstly, what drew you to this anthology?

A man flew in through the window on a flaming pie and told me I was destined to write for this collection. Also, I wanted to be sure that there was at least one Syd-era song. There tends to be a huge gulf between early and later PF fans (and a lot more of the latter, I think).

How did you first get into the band, and what was the first Pink Floyd album you owned?

I think the first LP I heard was Wish You Were Here. Dark…

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