Review: Mountains – Alan Dunn & eleni poulou by K. A. Laity

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Review: Mountains – Alan Dunn & eleni poulou

Many people have found the lockdown a time of loneliness and isolation. Others have jumped into collaboration to assuage that feeling and to find hope and the energy of inspiration in new ways. The fun that springs from good collaboration is a magic of discovery and frisson. As Western culture begins to move away from the myth of the ‘lone genius’ we re-discover the power of collaboration.

Last October, Alan Dunn (TAPE BRITAIN, tenantspin, FOUR WORDS) and eleni poulou (Honey-Suckle Company, Nohe Noshe, The Fall) investigated the ephemeral joy of wandering the streets of their respective cities (Glasgow and Berlin) in the conversational composition ‘Bestow’ which includes ambient sounds, music, and spoken word in a back and forth dialogue that captures the in-betweeness of life in quarantine. Sometimes it can feel like going in circles. The omnipresent bird song becomes a third…

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