Love for @FoxSpiritBooks’ Love

The Fox Spirit Book of Love, edited by Chloë Yates

From hell’s heart I stab at thee — no! Wait: from grading hell’s heart* I alert you to some fine words of praise for Fox Spirit’s big Book of Love. You may have already seen it if you are smart and subscribe to Alasdair Stuart’s The Full Lid, the unmissable round-up of what’s going on in genre fiction, media and more. He’s an unabashed enthusiast for the wide rainbow of genre fun. He’ll make you revive your own sense of wonder and joy, which may have flagged under [gestures to all directions helplessly]. He is not only kind but thorough, praising the individual stories and not just a couple of faves. I’m startled to find the following about my own little tale of conjuring hijinks and accidental deities:

‘Enchanted Garden by KA Laity is a perfect example of why Laity is one of the best authors working in genre right now. A Faustian pact is sought, but no one involved has the reasons they first think they do. It’s deceptively simple, elegantly drawn and has one of the best and most ambiguous endings of the collection. Again, I’d read a full length book about this.

Do check it out: Chloë has assembled a veritable jam-packed extravaganza of tales that take just about every attitude to the concept of ‘love’ from just about every perspective. So, we can’t promise you romance or even bad romance but love — as we should all remember in the midst of a pandemic — takes many forms. Be kind, be patient, be considerate, mask up — and buy small press books!

[*It is only the volume that makes it ‘hell’: on the whole I have had some really interesting, fun, and thoughtful work submitted.]